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The RPC303 automatically tests each Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using de-energized and energized tests. The resultant electronic component in-circuit test values are used to demonstrate conformance to specifications and functionality, to locate possible defects and degradations, and to support PCB repair, refurbishment, and qualification.





As operating units move into the second phase of plant life, the effects of electronic component aging in critical I&C Systems are starting to impact plant reliability. The challenge is to identify degraded / marginal electronic components before a failure can impact plant reliability.




•  Repair PCB's as failures arise
•  Refurbish PCB's by replacing degraded components
•  Replace PCB's with new designs
•  Replace the entire I&C System


In order to keep I&C Systems operating, you may consider one or a combination of strategies. Repairs will keep the systems operational, but long-term reliability can not be assured. Refurbishment will extend equipment life and restore reliability; however, the challenge is determining which components to replace during refurbishment.



RPC303 Meets Your Needs


•  Repair PCB's as failures arise
•  Refurbish PCB's based on known degradations
•  Qualify new replacement components
•  Short return on investment




The RPC303 with Test Fixture and PCB under test installed.


The RPC303 meets the needs to keep your existing PCBs operational for years to come. Its' test capabilities can be used for repair, refurbishment and component qualifications.



The RPC303 is a flexible, non-dedicated Test System which can be used to test any PCB. Test programs are now available for all of the Solid State Protection System PCBs and test programs can be developed for any other system in the power plant.




A test fixture is unique for each PCB type.


The tester is contacted to PCB the using a "Bed of Nails" fixture which is unique to each board type. Upload the associated automated test program, and you are ready to test.



Guard technique enables exact component value measurements.


Exact component values are measured by using an op-amp measurement technique allowing guarding of parallel paths.



•  Automation eliminates mistakes
•  Test in minutes or less
•  Locate failures for repair
•  Locate degraded components for refurbishment
•  Inexpensive and flexible
•  Qualify replacement components
•  Logs all tests for future evaluation
•  Use the same tester for any PCB
•  Flexibility enables additional board type test capability by adding a new fixture and test program




Kimka Inc . has been providing full scope test services to the electronics manufacturing industry for over 12 years. Our staff has over 50 years of combined test experience. Our services include system sales, maintenance support, service contracts, training, software development, test fixtures and program development.





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