Progen I & Progen II

Progen will read in Catgen ".FX" files and generate a Series 30 or 1800 program. Progen includes Boardgen, a utility to produce a Catgen input file from scratch.

Progen I

  • Create base test programs
  • Reads in Catgen input file
  • Upgrades for other input formats
  • Windows visual front end
  • Quick!
  • Creates pinslist & netlist files
  • Will sort parts by name, value or priority
  • Can Upgrade to Progen II

Progen II

  • All of Progen I features
  • Analog & digital guarding
  • Creates more output files
    1. Fixture info file
    2. Digital pinslist file
  • Includes Boardgen a great utility
    to generate Catgen files
  • Can generate 1800 program

Setting options
Progen options