PC upgrades for series 30 ATE

Kimka Inc. currently has 2 DG replacement upgrades: Hawk and RPBasic. Both upgrades replace the problem prone DG computer with a new PC.

Hawk Rdos Emulator
  • Upgrades hardware

  • Speed increase (10% - 15%)

  • Minor networking capabilities

  • IEEE up to 3 instruments

  • Data logging (same as DG)

Hawk was made to replace the DG Nova; therefore programs need little debugging. The Hawk emulates RDOS; therefore syntax is the same as Fairchild Basic requiring no additional familiarization with the syntax. The Hawk can take minor advantages of today's PC environment to increase your systems capabilities, without the costs and the time it takes to install, retool, retrain and reprogram for a new test system.

RPB - Kimka's new upgrade
  • Upgrades hardware & software
  • Written in Microsoft Basic 7
  • Dos environment
  • Tremendous speed increase (2X-6X)
    1. Digital 2X-6X faster
    2. Analog 2X faster

  • Full networking capabilities
  • National Instruments IEEE/488
    interface for any instruments
  • Extensive data logging
    1. 18 Standard logging fields
    2. 4 user defined fields
    3. Common format - recognized by
      most commercial database packages

  • Mode sampling
  • JTest - unpowered opens test
  • Progen
    1. Create base test programs
    2. Reads in Catgen input file
    3. Windows visual front end
    4. Quick!
    5. Upgrade to Progen II
    6. Upgrades for other input formats

  • Program translator
    1. Converts Fairchild Basic
      programs to RPBasic format
    2. Takes only seconds
    3. Generates comparison output file
  • 100% Year 2000 Compliant

Many of today's tester advancements have been in the PC front end. RPBasic is a modern PC based software package that brings the series 30 into today's world. It can take advantage of today's PC environment to increase your system capabilities without the costs and time it takes to install, retrain, retool and reprogram a new test system. RPB has added such features as Analog Moding for hard to stabilize components, JTEST an unpowerd test to locate open pins when there is not a vector test available, full data logging, increased speeds and Progen. RPB was made to run fast; therefore some analog program debug may be required. RPB's syntax is very similar to Fairchild Basic enabling easy conversion to the new software.